About me...

Josy Zareen

I'm naturally from Brazil and I've always loved any dance style. Seeing Bellydance for the first time really changed my life! I thought that it was the most beautiful dance ever! I started my dance career with Lulu Sabongi, my master teacher. She is simply wonderful as a person and as a teacher! Among my main teachers are: Raqia Hassan, Khaled Mahrmoud, Yousry Sharif, Suhaila Salimpour, Soraya Zaied, Nour, Asmahan, Lubna Eman, Aida Nour, Virginia, Rachel Brice, Sadie, Jillina and Shaide Halim...

I won a few titles in international Bellydance competitions and from 2008 to 2010 I was teaching at the most important Bellydance Festival in Europe (Stockholm Bellydance Festival). I've been teaching Bellydance workshops worldwide and I released my instructional Bellydance DVDs.

My Vision & Mission

Why Bellydance is good for you?
Improved posture and muscle toning, preparation for childbirth, stress reduction. Exercising the carrying muscles without impact. Building the back muscles evenly. Exercising the arms and aiding digestion.

How long will it take me to learn Bellydance?
1. The "naturals" (1-2 years) – these women have a natural talent, their isolations come almost immediately with ease and fluidity! This group learns quickly, whether they have a dance background or not, and seamlessly dance with grace. 2. The "over-achievers" (1-2 years) – these women attend tons of classes and practice so much they will themselves to learn, and hey, it works! These are my "repeat offenders", repeating Beginner 1, Beginner 2, etc. etc. until they are blue in the face (or until I kick them out and into a new level!). As they say, "practice makes perfect!" 3. The "pelvic-ally challenged" (2 + years) – these women have a tough time finding their pelvis and take a little longer to develop their isolations. There are many factors that play a role, however, if they stick with it long enough by attending classes and practicing with the instructional DVDs at home, they will progress! I always say there's "shimmy at the end of the tunnel"...

How to know if my teacher is qualified?
Unfortunately, in the Bellydance community, perhaps more than in any other dance form, there will always be instructors who have absolutely no business teaching at all. The "six week wonders"- women who've taken an introductory course and then set up shop as qualified instructors – have been a problem for decades. The saddest part of this phenomenon is that beginning students will not know the difference and may be taking classes from someone who knows nothing about safe posture and basic technique, let alone the cultural aspects of the dance. Sometimes the *teacher* has some years of Bellydancing, but as far to get the body moves correctly and of course she will make her students learn in the wrong way.